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Can someone else handle the Check In, Check Out Process (CICO) for me?

Yes! A great way to streamline the boat rental Check In, Check Out (CICO) process is to “designate an agent.” which could be a captain, your neighbor, or a relative. By completing and sending in a simple form, you authorize someone else to represent you at the start/completion of the boat rental. This person will complete and sign the Check In, Check Out (CICO) Form. Need help finding a designated agent, email

Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit the Designated Agent Form with your signature to
  2. Your Designated Agent (or you) must bring the Check In, Check Out Form to the boat rental location before the time the boat rental sets sail.
  3. Do a pre-rental walk around - Review and note on the form: the fuel level, condition and equipment of the boat making sure everything is operational. Note any pre-existing damage. (Sign)
  4. Do a post-rental walk around - Repeat the process from the start of the rental, noting any new damages if applicable and any charges. (Sign)
  5. Note any Added Costs! Mark fuel levels. Note anything that will be deducted from the renters’ security deposit (fuel, captain’s tip etc).
  6. Email to Boatsetter ASAP! Email it to asap! We need the form within 72 hours to avoid delays in receiving your rental income.

WHY IS RETURNING THE COMPLETED CICO (Check in/Check Out Form) SO IMPORTANT? If we don’t receive the CICO within 72 hours, we are required to release the renters’ security deposit which means you would not be able to be reimbursed for any charges that should be taken out of the deposit. Also, we cannot submit your rental income until the form is received.

Why do we need to complete a CICO Form? For both legal and insurance reasons.  Boatsetter boat rentals are covered by world-class insurance, but this coverage requires a fully and accurately-completed CICO form.  Coast Guard regulations also require that a check out orientation take place.